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At The Lockyer Doctors, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional personalised care and high-quality services to our valued patients and the wider community.

Experience a comprehensive array of General Practice services, including visiting Specialists and Allied Health Services. Our commitment to your well-being drives us to provide a diverse range of medical expertise under one roof.

A chronic disease nurse is available at each of The Lockyer Doctors clinics. Working closely with the general practitioner, the chronic disease nurse assists in creating patient care plans, team care arrangements and health assessments. As an integral part of The Lockyer Doctors team, the chronic disease nurse focuses on chronic disease management and preventative health and education.

Regular review with your general practitioner is an important part of the cycle of care, where you and your general practitioner check that your goals are being met and agree on any changes that might be needed.

Your treating doctor will work with you to assess your mental health needs. Once your goals and appropriate support have been identified by you and your doctor, a care plan will be created. Other healthcare professionals may be members of your healthcare team: these may include psychologists, psychiatrists or other community care providers. It is important that you book a long consultation with your doctor to ensure adequate time is provided.

Dr Rupin Aggarwal has undertaken specialised training in the administration of anti-wrinkle injections, indicated for cosmetic concerns. Patients who would like to receive cosmetic injectables need to have an initial consultation prior to booking a procedure.

The Lockyer Doctors have skin clinics available at Rosewood and Gatton providing early detection, diagnosis, treatment and management of skin cancer. A whole-body skin examination is performed and the doctor may recommend and/or perform a biopsy, excision or freeze any suspicious lesion.

Excision is a minor surgical procedure where the medical practitioner removes a lump or other suspicious growth. Skin cancer clinics take place at the Rosewood and Gatton clinics; however, all general practitioners at The Lockyer Doctors can perform an excision. The removal of skin lesion/s requires a pre-planned 20-minute appointment. A follow-up appointment is required to obtain results and removal of stitches.

Immunisation is a simple and effective way of providing protection to children and adults against particular infectious diseases. They are recommended for people at certain ages, life stages and those who may be at increased risk. Immunisation not only protects an individual, but also helps to protect others by helping to control the spread of disease within our community.

Vaccinations for all Australian children are government funded. Queensland Health offers parents access to comprehensive information on immunisation as well as easy-to-use free tools designed to help you remember your child’s vaccinations. 

Prices are subject to change.

  • Pre employment medical: $165
  • Sporting medical: $100
  • Cadet medical: $100
  • Commercial licence: $132
  • Truck safe medical: $220
  • Diving medical: $121

The medical costs listed are GST inclusive and no Medicare rebate is applicable.

The completion of documents from Centrelink, department of transport, etc. generally requires a 20-minute appointment. Please complete as much of the form/s as possible before hand. Most of these appointments are covered by Medicare but this can be confirmed with reception when making the appointment.

Our doctors can also complete Medical Reports for Legal, Insurance or Superannuation purposes. Medicare does not cover these so a fee applies for all doctors to complete them. A request is required from the company involved and appointments aren’t generally required for these. The report will be released to the company upon receipt of payment.

Pregnancy care, contraception management, pap smears and breast checks are some of the important aspects of women’s health catered for at The Lockyer Doctors or through a referral process to a specialised provider. Female doctors are available across all sites.

Mental health, fertility concerns, sexual health and prostate screening are some of the important aspects of men’s health catered for at The Lockyer Doctors or through a referral process to a specialised provider. Male doctors are available across all sites.

The Lockyer Doctors provides assessment and management of wounds. Wound care is performed by the nurse after a brief consultation with the doctor. If needing to discuss other items, please advise reception staff when booking your appointment.

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