Dr Adedayo Sanni

Dr Adedayo Sanni


I’m Dr Adedayo ‘Dee’ Sanni. I obtained my primary medical degree from the University College Hospital, Ibadan in Nigeria over 10 years ago.
After graduation from medical school and completing my internship, I’ve had the opportunity to work in different levels of the health care system. I left the shores of my country to work as a volunteer medical doctor in the Caribbean’s and subsequently worked in the public service for almost 6 years. My stint in the Caribbean saw me working in Health centres (primary healthcare facility) and working as an Emergency physician at different times.

My husband (who’s also a medical doctor) and I decided to move to Australia to pursue postgraduate studies and to improve our clinical skills.

I have an interest in all areas of medicine but especially mental health, women’s health and I’m particular interested in Bariatic medicine (specialty involved in weight loss) and hope to pursue further studies in this specialty.Studies have shown being overweight has been linked to most chronic illness and so dealing with this will go a long way to tackle this growing epidemic.

When we’re not working my husband and I together with our three lovely children enjoy travelling and visiting new places.

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