Poison Prevention in the Home

Poison Prevention in the Home

Is your home safe?

Chemicals, medicines and many other products can be dangerous to people, even in small quantities.

Poisoning occurs when someone is sufficiently exposed to a substance that can cause illness, injury or death.  A poison can be any substance that causes harm in sufficient amounts and occurs when people and animals inhale, swallow, eat, inject or expose their skin to a large enough quantity of the substance.

There are simple things you can do to prevent poisonings, such as:

  • Keep medicines and poisonous products out of reach of children and in their original containers
  • Close lids tightly immediately after use
  • Never leave medicines or poisonous products unattended

Can your child reach paracetamol, button batteries, dishwasher tablets, hand sanitisers?  If yes, they can reach four of the most common and dangerous causes of child poisoning.  Take the time to check around your home for any substances that could pose a threat.

In an emergency call 000.  For first aid advice  phone the Poisons Information Centre 13 11 26.