National Psychology Week

National Psychology Week

8th-14th November 2020

Psychology Week is an annual initiative of the Australian Psychological Society that aims to increase public awareness of how psychology can help Australians lead healthier, happier and more meaningful lives.

In its 18th year, Psychology Week 2020 is about promoting the role of psychology in helping people with pain.  Chronic pain affects about 20% of the Australian population.  Psychological treatments have been found to be effective in improving function and reducing distress associated with pain.

Psychologists are experts in helping people make the change needed to thrive.  Whether it’s in changing lifestyle, managing chronic illness, work problems, learning difficulties or relationship problems, they’re professionally equipped to assist people to get where they want to be.

If you or someone you love could benefit from some professional help, make an appointment with your doctor today.  Phone 07 5468 0100 or via the website