National Blood Donor Week

National Blood Donor Week

14th-20th June 2021

Every blood donation can help save three lives.  This National Blood Donor Week we are encouraged to give blood and keep our world beating.

Our blood is surprisingly versatile.  The blood you donate can be made into 22 different medical treatments.

How your blood is used:

34%  Cancer & Blood Diseases

19%  Other causes of Anemia

18%  Surgical Patients – Open Heart Surgery & Burns

13%  Other Medical Problems – Heart, Stomach & Kidney Disease

10%  Orthopaedic Patients – Fractures & Joint Replacements

4%    Obstetrics – Pregnant Women, New Mothers & Young Children

2%    Trauma – Including Road Accidents

This week, Check your eligibility, make an appointment and go donate blood.

You’ll feel great because you are saving lives.

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