Men’s Health Week

Men’s Health Week

14th-20th June 2021

Why is Men’s Health Week so important?  Because the health status of males in most countries, is generally poorer than that of females.  More males die at every stage through the life course, more males have accidents, more males take their own lives and more males suffer from lifestyle related health conditions than females at the same age.

Meanwhile, men are less frequent visitors to a GP, and the perception is that they don’t care about their health.  Improving men’s health outcomes is a two-way process involving the men themselves, their partners and families, and health services combined.  It is important that men make use of health services to preventatively manage their health and find out before it’s too late if problems exist.

Here are some ideas to how we can all improve men’s health outcomes:

  • Be active in getting medical help if you don’t feel well, have a problem that won’t go away or notice unusual symptoms
  • Know that it’s ok to seek help – men don’t need to do everything on their own or bury their problems
  • Push hard to get the help you need to manage your life, work, family and financial needs
  • Don’t leave it too late to seek help. Fear is not a killer.

If you or the men in your life need help or support, please contact The Lockyer Doctors to make an appointment with a Doctor. Ph: 07 54680100 or

Let’s celebrate men, the contributions they make and the important role they play in society.

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