Holiday Season

Holiday Season

Be kind, be mindful, be careful and stay safe

With the holidays upon us, maintaining healthy routines sometimes feels extra hard.  But it doesn’t have to be!  With a little planning and mindfulness, you can stay on top of your health while fully enjoying the holiday season.

Holiday seasons are a time of family, friends, love and laughter… and the possibility of eating and drinking too much!  The truth is, most of us will over indulge but it’s important to remember to truly enjoy your holiday period, and if that means a few social gatherings and eating extravaganzas with family and friends, then why not!

Take the mindful and balanced approach.  Having clear but flexible goals and strategies to be sensible with your food and drink is a good idea.  You may have a few extra days of more food and drink, but couple that with mindful eating and exercise on other days during the holiday period to balance it out.

Be kind, be mindful, be careful and stay safe this holiday season.